A is for awesome!

Back in December, while we were all gathered in Rocky River munching on some chex mix, cousin Leslie mentioned that she was going to do a half marathon in May. Mom committed right away and Erin and I hesitantly agreed. We could surely run the 13.1 miles by May- that is 5 months away.....

Well, it's May and this past weekend we did it! Mom and Leslie tackled the whole 13.1 miles and Erin and I opted for the shorter 10K. (not that 6.2 miles is anything to sneeze at) You could feel the excitement as we picked up our packets! Over 15,000 runners and walkers participated and it was amazing! Our special "Team Quilty" shirts sure made us feel like real runners!

Cousin Anne is the 5th member of Team Quilty and was unable to make it- but she was with us in spirits. She wore her shirt all day while busy with her four adorable boys :)

You can say that we were proud as punch with ourselves and really enjoyed the time spent together! We will be looking forward to more events that we can get matching t-shirts!