Closet clean up!

So, it’s been almost 3 ½ years since we have called our home “home” and over the past few months we have painted the entire kitchen and made some improvements. Our sad little trash closet and coat closet wanted in on the fun too- so this weekend they finally got their face lift and it barely cost us anything ($24 to be exact!) We used the leftover kitchen paint and found some great organizational bins on clearance at Walmart.
Here is how it turned out.

Our trash closet before

Looking even worse with nothing in it

The white needed 3 coats to be bright white

Dora and Sully literally watching paint dry

With some inspiration my new favorite website and how they painted their little one's closet. We decided to get a little crazy and not just opt for the traditional white closet. Lets face it- they are closets and get a little banged up from time to time. So, painting the back of the closets green seemed like just the touch to make them pop a little.

The awesome afters!!!

Our boring coat closet before

And the awesome after!!!


  1. You're a woman after my own heart. :) LOVE the organization. Don't ya just feel good now?

  2. its like a drug! i have painting on the brain now :)


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